Yuuna's PvP pet battle corner - The undead trend in PvP

Yuuna is my pet battle friend whom I met through a friend from work, Cavendar. Yuuna is really someone who appreciates a good pet, and knows a lot about pet abilities and winning combos and ESPECIALLY enjoys pet battle PvP.  He has a great collection of pets and he even has a spreadsheet with all the teams he uses with the abilities and order to do things in.

I remember when he got his Trainer title from getting the Deadly Pet Brawler achievement.  I was online as he did his final few games and I gave him a big cheer when he got it - it was very very late at night, I recall.  I was very sheepish when I had to tell him I hadn't hit my 50 PvP pet battles yet - I just can't get into it! Though, on my wishlist for Warlords of Draenor would be pet battles by mobile armory or something similar...

Anyway, off topic.

One thing that he is really into is breeds.  In PvP, that faster pet, or harder hitting pet, can make the difference in a win - who gets to have their turn first!  He uses the Battle Pet BreedID addon.

He also tells me tidbits of info about what is trending in pet battles, or what's broken at the moment.  One of the things he said that there has been a lot of use lately with healing in PvP with undead teams.

The combination is:
Unborn Val'kyr, Blighthawk, Stitched Pup

Unborn Val'kyr will start off with Haunt, then Blighthawk will come in and get hit a few times, then do a Consume Corpse.  Val'kyr will pop back up, and then Blighthawk will get healed almost to full, and the same thing happens when Stitched Pup comes in and also does Consume Corpse after a few hits.

I went and practiced on a few wild mobs to get the hang of it, and all my consume corpses missed - I wonder if it's like that in PvP!

He also told me that his fave pet at the moment is the Death Adder Hatchling.  I never even though to level mine, but Blinding Poison is amazingly OP!  The S/S breed is the one that everyone is going for - if you see one on your server for sale, snap it up because it can sell for a lot more than the other breeds for those who like to PvP.  Anything under 1k is probably reasonable, anything under 500g is a bargain!  I was lucky and swapped mine with someone who was a collector but not fussed about breeds (Thanks Triarchi!) - glad Cymre gave me one in the first place!


  1. The thing with Consume Corpse is that you must have a pet on your team that's dead in order for it to work (otherwise it will miss every time).

    For awhile, the Undead Val'kyr counted as a corpse but would not disappear, letting you spam Consume Corpse for big healing while the Undead Val'kyr was haunting. It's possible they hotfixed this to make it unable to target the Val'kyr unless it was really dead, though, which would explain all of your misses.

    I still don't have a Val'kyr (some day...) or else I'd test it to see.


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