Achievements, pets and rares this week

As I mentioned earlier this week, I spent a lot of time in Proving Grounds, and netted some tank achievements Proving Yourself: Bronze Tank, and healer achievements, Proving Yourself: Bronze Healer, Proving Yourself: Silver Healer, Proving Yourself: Gold Healer, Proving Yourself: Endless Healer (Wave 10) and Proving Yourself: Endless (Wave 20) in Healing. I am totally addicted and obsessed with Proving Grounds and determined to get that 30 waves!  Aza has done bronze of tank, heal and DPS, and I was confused.  I asked him how he did the healing one and he said he just killed every single add before they could take damage.  Hilarious!  Also, he was surprised that I don't cc.  To tell you the truth, it didn't even occur to me!  I shall try later.  LOL taking pics of the achievement on screen is hopeless - you can't read it!  It could be bronze anything!

Finishing the first wing of Siege/Vale of Eternal Blossoms also netted us the achievement.

And of course I mentioned earlier this week we got our silver in Scarlet Monastery.

I totally forgot last week that I had captured all of the new pretty moths on the Timeless Isle.  Lucky me got all rares too!

Cymre gave me a Death Adder Hatchling!  It drops from the Imperial Python, thanks heaps Cym! :)

 And another fun kite to play with!

 And I got myself a Bonkers at last.  Yay!

I am cross with myself for not having a pic of Garnia when KyXyn and I were the only ones there, I hit it before I took a picture!  KyXyn decided to help and we sorta made up a picture to PRETEND that I had taken one...

Here are some of the other rares I took pics of during the week.  Early in the morning is best - I can actually get NON COMBAT pics!

This is hard to get a good pic.  He's sitting right on the edge of the courtyard and there's all these rocks in the way!

How annoying, Rock Moss's name is in the ceiling!


  1. I remember being excited to do the proving grounds and now I keep forgetting it's there. I guess at some point I'll get tired of running around searching for rares on that Isle and give it a go.Seems like you should get a title for that achievement something like Navi of the Endless Mana!

    1. Someone has done more than 100 rounds of endless as a healer. I was amazed! I think you would like it on Sasche, Ancient but I swear, melee sucks!

  2. Very nice collection and the new pets look great! Are you a snake by the way? Maybe that's why your didn't mind :P

    1. Thanks Cym! No I'm a tiger, but I like the new snake models compared to the old ones, so it's still nice to have it :)

    2. Oh that's right. I remember now :)


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