2013 year review of the Daily Frostwolf

It has been a busy year!  But what year hasn't been busy really??

The biggest guild event this year was our server transfer to Saurfang.  It was a good move in my opinion, and the funny thing was we really didn't pick up anyone that was from Saurfang as a raider - all our our swelling in raider ranks came from connections within the guild to others. Becoming guild leader seems to have had an adverse time on my blog writing - so many crappy chores to do now!

I have made a number of friends this year on my new server - my battletag is full now!  So don't feel bad if I deleted you because you haven't been on for a few months - it's been tough trying to make room for the new people that I have been chatting with and doing things with.  Send me a whisper or a mail and I'll add you back on (did you know that you can only have 99 people on btag??)

In terms of raiding, we didn't manage to kill any end bosses before patch this year.  It would be a great accomplishment if we had!  WotLK and Cataclysm were the only times we managed to move into heroic content, and it would be nice if we could do that again - but the important thing is we are all having fun, and all enjoy playing together and working on stuff as a team, as a guild.

Looking at my blog, there were a few particularly popular posts (no thanks to spammers who seem to love visiting the same posts over and over and skewing my numbers!). My celestial tournament guides were visited a lot, and my farewell to Ghostcrawler got a fair number of hits (no doubt from Google). And how could I forget Blizzcon - that was a super highlight of my WoW year!  Meeting so many bloggers and podcasters, being swept up in the excitement of everything Blizzard... it was truly amazing!

The posts that I enjoyed writing the most were my fable stories.  I think most of the enjoyment came from writing with Mataoka (and Kallixta) and having a joint fun project to write fan-fic on.

Next year, I hope to do more fiction writing.  That seems to have dwindled in the last half of the year - I miss my creative surges (though one has to be inspired to be creative!).  For my guild, I am hoping we get Garrosh soon (that will eventually happen anyway!) and we look forward to raiding in the expansion, which I am predicting an April/May release.

Have a Happy New Year everyone from the Daily Frostwolf!  I look forward to chatting to you all in the New Year!


  1. Writing with you, and being your friend is one of my best and sweetest highlights of this past year, and looking forward to more joy and creativity in the future! Cheers and Happy New Year!

    1. I hope we have many more years of writing to come!

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  3. Happy New Year, Navi! <3

    Meeting a crazy Tauren was definitely the highlight of my year. My year in WoW turned out nothing like I had expected!

    1. Thanks for putting up with me and my eccentricities! :D Here's to another year of fun and games and silliness!

  4. Happy new year Navi! :)

  5. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and your family Navi


  6. I can't quite remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I've been reading it since!
    Your entries could only make me wish that I was in such a fun guild. You guys seem to be having so much fun! Though reading about your raiding adventures finally gave me the courage to go ahead and start raiding at the end of 2013. :) So thank you!

    Here's to having a shiny new wolf mount in 2014 (hopefully it won't be taken out too soon).
    Thanks for sharing your adventures in Azeroth!


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