Bye bye Crab

I don't claim to know the man, but I know OF the man. So, Ghostcrawler has decided to leave Blizzard and speculations will always arise to why he did so.  But he said, we'd find out soon enough what he was up to.

It's surprising how all you know about someone is their social media and forum posts (and Blizzcon speaking, of course) and you suddenly have an opinion about that person.  I guess to an extend you can tell what someone's opinions are like from their tweets and posts, but it doesn't really tell you much - after all, words can be rehearsed. But like all people in important positions, he has to be careful what he says and he seems to always be careful with what he says so people can't infer too many bad things.

Godmother wrote a post about it, looking at it in a totally different light to what I would have.  I read what she said and I am unsure what she is trying to say.  It seems like she is saying that he was very social media savvy and he used the social media to announce his leaving for the best effect.  I will have to ask her about that.  She has chatted to him on twitter a number of times, so I am not sure what her opinion of him is, or if she thinks it really matters in the big picture.

Xsinthis wrote him a letter to say thank you.  However, when reading his letter, I feel that Xsinthis, like so many others in the game think that GC is responsible for EVERY change that comes into the game. He was just a name to address complaints to, or so I thought.  He even said so in his this reply to a tweet:

When I was told he was leaving Blizzard, I wondered if it was something to do with Warlords of Draenor - did he disagree with something?  I went back to read the forum post he posted about his departure and he said an opportunity had come up - well, that's totally understandable, what normal person wouldn't? Besides, he must still enjoy the game, he said he would still be playing, and he would be out there on the forums whinging with the rest of us.  And he plays a holy priest?  Man that's weird.

But like a lot of people on Twitter, I really like looking at what GC has to say.  Everything he writes is favourited and retweeted by TONS of people.  It's how the world is now - we're busy nosing into everyone's business.  Look even I am doing it.  Fascinated with the famous, wondering what they're talking to us about!

But in the end, I wish him the best.  The game will not change in his absence - there are so many people there at Blizz working on WoW, and the departure of one man, even though he was for so long the face of Blizz to the players, will not make much of a difference to the player base.  I wonder who the new beating stick will be?


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    1. I wonder how quickly people will forget though?

  2. I'm really interested in finding out where he'll turn up, somewhere interesting for us? Or a return to the oceans, we'll see. I always marveled at the man's ability to hold up to all the criticism that gets heaped on Blizzard's public face. I hope he gets some time to relax.

    1. I hope he does too. You wonder if he gets pissed off like the rest of us!

  3. I'm in no position to judge him, or to pass comment. Last night, the way I saw it, looked like a really smart and media-savvy guy using the tools he commands best to ensure the moment was his, despite what might have first appeared. I think he pretty much owned everyone, all told.

    What people forget is this is a job for him. That means a lot of consequences that people might perhaps not consider before him as a 'name.'

    Whatever he does, I hope he enjoys it.

    1. I agree, it's a job for him, and I think people forget that. People blame him for things but it's not like he made all the decisions. He's just the guy who was out there communicating a lot and so people just got the idea that HE was WoW, or he was designing the whole thing. No respect intended Godmother! Thank you for clarifying :)

  4. Woah, I missed this while crippled under the blankets. So, thanks for posting.

    I think Greg's case was the same as anyone else. In a case like this, the messenger is always the one that gets shot. I just give him credit for having really thick skin and not taking it to heart. I'm sure once you're in that groove it gets easier, but even still...must've had some long days. I'll be curious on what he's decided to pursue next.


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