Raiding - Extra raid day means extra repair bills

It's close, we can smell it. 5% wipe last night and just like every other night, our first attempts were our best ones and it went all downhill from there.

An extra raid was planned for Sunday and we had a good turnout - we were full.  That was pretty cool.

What was NOT cool, was that I was playing extremely poorly yesterday.  I had difficulty healing my corner.  I was dead a lot.  I feel like I was the weak link when usually I'm far from that, and it's a horrible feeling and with patch breathing down our neck the desperation to kill Lei Shen looms even larger.

Lots of my well wishing friends have given me tips and advice and some of those things are things I hadn't thought of (eg defensive stance warrior, soloing static shock as a bear - though I had used Might of Ursoc and barkskin a handful of times). Lush used Souglyy's deterrence with good effect.

What I REALLY need to do is stop thinking that I am a failure because we can't kill Lei Shen before patch. Though no doubt there are many people out there who have killed it already and thinking how pathetic we are for not doing it, I should just remember that we are here to have fun, and that we are still playing well together, as a group, as a guild.  But even though I TELL myself that, I still feel like I am the crappy WoW player.  Gosh, I hope that when SoO comes, this feeling will abate somewhat!

Tonight is our last night that we can attempt Lei Shen before the patch.  And I have to get my extra awesome hat on and put my lucky hello kitty lunch box next to me (not so that I can use it, but because it makes me laugh) and if we get it, I'll be happy, and if we don't... well I will be on Ebay splurging big time on useless game items to make myself feel better.


  1. You guys will get it!

    A 5% wipe means you guys have it. :)

    Watch, you guys will walk in and down him in the first pull and be all "Well now what do we do with the rest of raid night?"

    I'm rooting for you!

    1. Unfortunately for us, no kill :(
      But that's ok! Siege is coming and by next week we will have forgotten all about this "failure" LOL!

  2. omg don't think that, there are plenty of ppl out there that haven't got as far as you have, and you guys have had a bit of team instabilty so that always makes things harder. I'll have my fingers crossed and I'll come play my frostwolves toon so I can be there when you guys hopefully kill him, that woudl be cool :)
    Best of luck

    1. I saw you in guild! Unfortunately no kill but it was nice to know you were there!

  3. Why does that happen? Why are the first attempts the best ones? Shouldn't it get better as the night progresses? It bugs us too! And often, I don't know about your guild, but with out team, when we say "last attempt" and it's like... 6 minutes left to 8:30pm server, we down it.

    1. We have that too Anou, on other boss kills! But it didn't work for us last night ><


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