WINNERS! Of the Moving House Giveaway!

Sorry this post is late!  I slept in keeping an eye on my mailbox and responding to emails till late.

We had 3 winners last night, submitting the correct answer.  Which one of them will win the big prize??

Congratulations to:




Thanks all to took part in the contest!  Here is the solution for those who were busy scratching their heads  (links added to the rhyme)

Through Navispam I've met a few
Fantastic people (some I knew)
A famous druid kindly sent
A guild invite, and so I went!
In those two posts, you'll need to find
A message hidden deep inside.

The first person to realID
Was someone whom I'd longed to see
Our times would never be aligned
But once tagged, 'twas an easy find.
Find the post where in game we met
And the next clue you'll surely get.

I have two friends who shower me
With endless gifts - I'm so lucky!
From one I've scord more than 10 pets
(And I don't think they're finished yet)
The other, pets and toys and mounts
(So many I can hardly count)
For both these pals the goal's the same -
The post where we first met in game.

My first joint story was a hit
With the friend who'd thought of it
Both those tales contain a link!
(It's not too hard to find, I think)
A common friend drew us some art
Of one immensely funny part!
That artist features often here
Their visit filled me with great cheer.

The one who got me in this game
Is quite well known, all know her name.
They feature in many a post
My favourite one I liked the most
Is playing games with archy things
I love how Blizz includes these things.

Of all the rhymes that I have penned
My best ones were my gifts to friends
A mighty steed for pure of heart;
(The pic with it a work of art )
The other one an ode to say
I'm awed by her in every way.
(This one was the toughest one - the link to the clues is in the space just AFTER the link to the two poems Ode to the Ancient and Steed of Shamans - which both point to Tome of the Ancient's blog by the way, yes, I know it was sneaky!)

An interview with 2 guild locks
And one about a rogue who rocks
Contain a hidden clue or two
Oh Tacky's guest post has one too!
Can you imagine Lush and Shab
As cute and gorgeous all round fab?

To answer Stoppableforce - yes there are two which point to the same link - I used a word twice LOL and didn't want to make another picture!

The questions that you get from the links were:
1) Eight bloggers have toons in Frostwolves, name five
2) Who is my favourite NPC in WoW

There are actually more than 8 bloggers in Frostwolves, a few of my friends from my blogroll have social toons there!
Navimie, Luxy, McTacky, Mabaho are the 4 easy ones (they are all on the Dath'remar blogroll) and you only had to find one more.
There are four toons with the same name as their mains
Zwingli (Zwingli's Weblog O WoW)
Glowbie (Glow's Branches)
Dragonray (Azerothian Life)
Amijade (Warlockery)
Rioriel (Postcards from Azeroth).
Nerisella (Neri Approves), Disconcur/Soultouched (I can't for the life of me remember his blog!), Escarlata is Mataoka in disguise (Sugar and Blood), Sohei is Saunder (Non-Squishy Heals), and Faithless also blogs.  There are posts of those people joining Frostwolves, so it didn't really require you to be in the guild to know (even guildies would have a tough time, I think!)

My favourite NPC in WoW is the pacifist ogre, Lunk.  I wish there was an alternative way to do quests in WoW all the time without having to kill a certain number of spiders or bats or some other creature!  I want to be just like Lunk!  And ogres should be a playable race IMO /nod

So... I made my daughter and pick names out of the hat!  Now, the hard part is that all 3 of them had a Gusting Grimoire already....

For the Tyrael's Hilt, the name she picked out was... Arvash!  OMG Grats Arv!

For the riding Turtle, the name she picked out was... Cymre!  Grats Cym!

And congrats to Luxy for the Gusting Grimoire!

Thanks all for playing, I know that was many many hours of your day sucked up on Saturday/Sunday!


  1. Congrats to all the winners, and bravo Navi for a clever treasure hunt and more awesome epic verse! :D

  2. Grats to the winners! Those were some neat prizes, and a very challenging competition Navime.

  3. Huge congrats to Arv for winning the hilt and also to Luxy for her TCG pet. Thx Nav and little E. :)

  4. Oh wow, that is awesome! Thanks so much for the Hilt, this was a crazy hunt, lol. Grats to Cym and Luxy on their prizes too! =)

    1. %$^&*^$#%2 ARV!!!!!!!!!

      in reality though congrats to you and the winners. I just had to curse at you and your toys!!!

  5. Good work all, even those who made it into the draw but didn't score! I found one clue (ONE!) in the 2 hours I spent on this - and I think it's obvious which part of the rhyme I followed for that.

    So hard, Navi, you should do this professionally! Thank you for putting the time in to set it all up. :)

  6. Big congratulations to all you thinking thinkers! To Navi and the winners!

  7. Congratz Arv, Cym and Lux!!! Props to you all for toughing it out...and to anyone who sent in answers. That was a toughie.

    Great job frying our brains Navi!


  8. Gratz to the winners! It was an excellent idea for a competition. I wasnt very successful at it but enjoyed it nonetheless.

  9. Although I *used* to be Saunder, I have been posting as Sohei since I changed mains and blog focus, so you could argue that my Frostwolves toon is in fact the fifth in that category :D


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