Minipost - Phew! A blogging milestone :)

Well, I'm excited, I cracked 6 digits in pageviews!  Who would have thought I would ever get there (when I read about people cracking 7 digits my mind is just blown away!) but here I am!  And before anyone starts raining on my parade with "is that all?" type comments, I am just thrilled to bits that people read what I write!

So where are people GOING when they look at my blog?

Most of the pageviews go to my Warcraft Artwork page.  The most popular artists (in my opinion) are well represented there, with Genzoman, Samwise, Glenn Rane and Glowei all featuring amongst my favourite artists too.  I hope it doesn't breach any copyrights by me showing those pics - I just wanted somewhere to collect up all my favourite pics so I can look at them any time I want.

The second highest is what has really made my blog get lots of hits from search engines, and that's my post this year about Healing Heroic Yor'sahj with a Resto Druid.  I hope that people who read that post found it helpful in terms of what gives stacks and what are the best things to use in that fight as a resto druid.  I think a few did judging from some of the positive feedback I got.  And maybe it was to look at my cute picture of Yor'sahj and blobbies :)  In fact I'm putting it here again coz I like it so much.

My rare collection also seems to have a lot of hits.  It might be because of the pictures if people are looking for rares.  However, I have absolutely no information about where to find them or what abilities each rare has.  Hopefully people figure out to go to WoW Rare spawns for much more detailed information and usable pictures.

So where is my traffic coming from?

Being featured a few times on WoWInsider certainly doesn't hurt pageviews, as that is where most of my traffic came from (in terms of URLs).  MMO Melting pot and Tome of the Ancient come in behind that (thanks Hugh and Ancient!).  I didn't count all the google searches... because that by far makes up most of my searches.

So to all my loyal readers, I want to say thank you!  I don't have that many but here are the ones I know!  This is a dangerous venture - it's like the Oscars, if you forget someone you're petrified they're going to be mortally offended (I'm thinking of that Wordle - that post was a disaster waiting to happen)!  Maybe I shouldn't do this but I do want to thank people :)
  • To my Guildies: Lushnek, Roshii, Sevros, Souglyy, Azadelta, Ayelena, Faithless, Mabaho, McTacky, Ksret, Yuda, Fallnapart, Epidemais, Shabadu, Hwired, Fleckso, Moopie, Nabe, Fue, Voe - thank you for all your support and feedback and comments, it humbles me that you read all my guild gossip and raid antics all the time!
  • To my blog buddies
  •  To all those who search for things and find it on my blog, thanks for visiting!
So here are hugs, from me in all my forms.  Tigers look kinda like cheetahs...


  1. Grats Nav :D

    I'm surprised you didn't mention hits from the Goldshire post ... :p

  2. Grats Navi!!!! ^-^

    Keep it up! <3 <3

  3. Idd, I may not always post, but I ALWAYS read :D Grats!

  4. OMG! Six figures is HUGE! Congratulations! And yes, how were the page views on that Goldshire post, lol!

    Hugs to you too!

  5. Zowie! Congratulations, Navi, that's awesome!

  6. Woot gratz Navi :)


  7. @Sev - surprisingly it was hot to start and then nobody's looked at it for ages...
    @Euphy - TY my friend :)
    @Cymre - :D TY!
    @Godmother - I know you are :) and TY
    @TotA - LOL well I suspect MMOMelting pot is to blame for that spike :) but it was like a one hit wonder that post :)
    @Kamalia - TY Kamalia :)
    @Souglyy - TY Baha!

  8. Grats nav! -Rosh

  9. Mazel Tov my dear sweet friend! You'd better keep on doing what you do, so we can love you all the more!

    1. OMG Matty, I just found this message in the SPAM!!! I'm sorry! And ty for the sweet words you always make me feel better :)

  10. Gratz Navi!!!

    Yes I come to your site every day I just don't comment often!
    I go to Cymre every day too My comp just wont let me comment on her page for some messed up reason!

    I know you will hit the 7 digits soon :)

  11. @Roshii - TY Roshii, you are one of my biggest supporters :)
    @Pando - TY to the only other person I know with a Formal Dangui :) I know you often visit me and Cym - because we both like looking at your site :)

  12. Grats to you, and big tree hugs <3

  13. Aww grats! Love those huggin pictures :>

    1. @Akabeko - :D TY and I knew you would, you big softy!


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