Healing Heroic Yor'sahj 10 man with a Resto Druid

Take heart druids!  Healing Heroic Yor'sahj with a druid can be done, and with not too much pain!  I had to listen to a fair bit of:
  • Druids are the worst at healing Yor'sahj
  • All their spells put a dot on during purple phase
  • Big heals are a bit weak compared to priests, pallies and shamans
So, a quick recap on what heroic Yor'sahj is all about:

In Heroic, instead of 3 globules coming out, you have 4, and so Yor'sahj will have 3 active on him.  A really good add-on that we use is Yor'sahj Announce, which tells you which globule to kill.  Also, the globules, mana void, adds and Yor'sahj have more HP, and all damage is higher. 

Shadowed Globule up (Purple)

So what do my spells do in purple phase?
  • Regrowth - 1 stack on application, no stacks for hots
  • Rejuvenation - 1 stack on application, no stacks for hots
  • Lifebloom - 1 stack per application, no stacks for hots, no stack for bloom
  • Healing Touch - 1 stack
  • Tranquility - 1 stack per tick - NEVER USE!
  • Swiftmend - 1 stack on use
  • Efflorescence - no stacks!
  • Wild Growth - 1 stack on each player
What else is free?
Healing with a paladin is fantastic.  Never get them to heal the tank.  That can be your job in Purple phase.  Beacon is free, so they can beacon the tank and heal everyone and the tank gets lots of nice free heals.  Remember the stacks reset after 30 seconds so nice big heals like Healing Touch or Regrowth if they're low and you want to get a swiftmend off as well (though that would be 2 stacks).  Another useful thing is to park a pet next to the tank and rejuv and swiftmend them for efflorescence healing.  I never use tree of life when a purple is up.

So right before a purple comes out, top everyone up to max, I like to throw hots on everyone just before the debuff hits so hopefully sneak some healing in.

Cobalt Globule up (Blue)

I used to hate this bit.  I hated having no mana.  Now I love it.  In Heroic Yor'sahj, there is only one time you have to use your cooldown, the first time there is a blue up, you use innervate after all your mana is sucked away, and the dps work and get it low but don't pop it.  So the next time mana void comes, wait for it to suck mana away again, and then pop the old mana void so all your mana come back, yay!

Also, if a mana void is about to come, heal your nuts off!  Your mana is about to get destroyed anyway, so you might as well use it.

Acidic Globule up (Green)

Interestingly you don't have to heal the melee much, if at all if the ranged are spread out properly.  So in 10 man with 2 healers, you can try to split healing of the ranged between yourselves.  It felt like  every time there was a green globule we had purple globule up as well as a blue globule.  Don't forget to heal yourself!

Dark Globule up (Black)

The adds aren't terrible if they go down fast enough!  It's good to bunch up nice and tight when you have this globule up.  You can cast thorns on yourself if you want, hoping the adds will die a little while they're beating up on you and the raid is AOEing them down.

Crimson Globule up (Red)

Really important to be bunched up nice and tight at Yorsahj's feet here.  The searing blood will hit the person furthest out anyway (ie to get the most damage), so don't get caught doing your tranquility NOT stacked in the bunch at his feet or you will get yelled at.

Glowing Globule up (Yellow)

Most of the time Yellow is the priority to kill.  The only exception is during a Black/Red/Yellow phase which is a high damage phase where our raid uses Bloodlust and I use Tranquility and heal my guts out with the other healer.  Everyone should be stacked nice and tight for this combination.

You only ever get these combinations, and the crossed out one is the one we kill, and what heals I use and my role:

blackbluegreenpurple: (stack), mostly HT and regrowths here, rejuv+swiftmends on pets, swiftmend n tank if desperate, focus healing tank
blackbluegreenred: (stack), rejuv, wildgrowths, swiftmends, regrowths on OOC procs, I have used TOL on this phase if mana was tight.
blackbluepurpleyellow: see above
blackgreenredyellow: (stack) wildgrowth, blanket rejuvs, tranquility, swiftmends, TOL if a second one comes and tranquility is on CD
blackpurpleredyellow: (stack) HT and regrowth, rejuv+swiftmend on pets, swiftmend on tank if desperate, focus healing tank
bluegreenpurpleyellow: (spread) HT and regrowth, rejuv+swiftmend on pets, focus healing tank

This is me healing with a paladin.  Not sure how I'd go with a priest or shaman, but if I ever get the opportunity to heal with them, I will update this post with any changes to my healing strategy.


  1. I still cant see why druids are bad for this fight just regrowth and rejuv everyone once and then thats two stacks just healing touch if needes. The healing isnt too intense in purple phase I quite like it (:


  2. Holy cow, Navi - I read things like this and just want to quit--it's like reading Advanced Chemistry - I try and try but just don't get it, and want to give up. I really don't know what I'm doing, and that makes me laugh. But, just like I am glad I live in a world with the Carl Sagans, Einsteins, and Newtons, so am I glad I know the Tomes, Bears, Theks, and Navis of the Azerothian world! You are my kind of people, Navi!

  3. I mean, really, I am in awe:

  4. @Voe - if my mastery was like your mastery I would think that was good enough but it really isn't
    @Matty - I am honoured Matty!

  5. I have no idea what anything you said in this post means but I have to say that Yor'sahj picture is one fine piece of work!!

  6. @TotA - I think that picture is the best part of this post! Doing it on my laptop with only Microsoft Pain(t) was hard work! :D

    1. And Ancient I just read what you wrote on Matty's post. It was so sweet of you to come and post about my picture!!! <3 I was feeling so sad people didn't comment on my silly picture.

  7. Rhodry of ProudmooreFebruary 22, 2012 at 11:26 PM

    Just wanted to say thanks for the guide, We took our first look at this fight tonight. My partner is a resto druid, and she was getting depressed at how little she felt she could do. Also, I may have stolen your picture >.>

    1. @Rhodry - Glad it was helpful! And you're welcome to use the picture :) I wonder if I'll see it on the interwebz somewhere!

  8. This is a lovely guide, it gave me a lot more insight on what I'm supposed to do. A member of my raid linked it. I don't think it was my healing that was as much the issue as two issues we've been having, the adds not going down fast enough and therefore killing me and my other healer (resto shaman), and the mana void's remaining health not going down when we need it to, leaving me with innervate on cooldown still and oom before a phase of heavy healing.

    They actually have me on raid during purple and I don't mind. I had been just blanketing rejuvs and the HT but I'll try adding regrowth to the mix. I think it works better for me not to be tank healing, I can't get that much healing out as quickly as the shaman can.

    1. @Anonymous - TY for the compliment! Tank healing works well for me because I had been doing it with a paladin. Don't forget to keep swiftmending those pets! I find that to be a great topper upper.

    2. We don't have a hunter. :/ Should I do the the lock's demon though?

    3. My group didn't have a hunter either. Our lock parked his felpuppy near the tank and I swiftmended that. Either lock pets or hunter pets are fine for that.

  9. Heya, thanks for this guide - I'm anxious to follow your directions this Wednesday since our guild has been having some difficulties with Yor'sahj on Heroic because of the 'purples'. Our set-up is also holydin and a resto druid, the latter being me, and after so many week's worth of tries, I was wondering if resto druids were suited for this fight. I couldn't find a proper resto druid POV on this boss (admittedly not the hardest one, but our group is a bit of a slacking one sometimes - as long as we're having fun I guess) so this is exactly what I was looking for.

    Many thanks indeed!

    1. @Toki - thank you for visiting and you're welcome! Resto druids are good for this fight, don't you worry, especially with a pally! Some things which make this fight hard (which aren't a healer's fault) are the adds not going down fast enough so they kill people, and not spreading for green and stacking for red.

    2. On our first few tries, it was because my healer-partner couldn't make Grid2 show the Deep Corruption debuff, later on I was convinced my HoT's would make it stack, and after we had cleared up all the base-tactic related stuff, we couldn't agree on which adds to take out first since someone had read A and someone else B. We mostly kept the pally on the tank though, so that's another thing I've learned!

      On another note, I've been 'lurking' around for a while, time to give praise where it is due! :)


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