Mog my Mug - Items which Change your Appearance - Clothing

Sick of your appearance?  Longing for a change, but only temporarily?  This post is part of the series Mog My Mug - Items which change your Appearance.  Commissioned by Ayelena.

Thank goodness all the items that can change you are wearable by all classes.  It would be highly irritating if it was plate.  There aren't that many items of clothing in game that change your appearance (that aren't consumable!) so just listed them briefly here.

Burgy Blackheart's Handsome Hat (Head)
Guaranteed drop from killing Burgy Blackheart, a rare spawn in Vashj'ir.  Wearing this item turns you into Burgy Blackheart, a gnome pirate ghost.

Faded Wizard Hat(Head)
You get this from the end of a quest chain in Azshara (Farewell, minnow).  It makes you look like a low level toon of various races.  You can transform into any race.  You can still see your weapons though!

Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you can think of any articles of clothing I've missed!  Don't miss the next post in the series - Consumables.

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  1. There's also Narain's turban that you get as part of opening of the AQ gates which turned you into him. I must have destroyed mine a while ago.

  2. Damn! I think I got rid of mine too :(

  3. Okay, here goes again, maybe this post will like me better, it's been two days now that your blog and my browser are refusing to speak to each other.

    Wanted to say thank you for the links to the gifts, now I won't miss any.

    You are a star! Saw you on Wowsider!! Yay!!

    Oh boy, here goes, trying one more time, PUBLISH!

    Still can't comment, okay how about Anonymous, I'll try that.

    The Ancient

  4. @Ancient - hmm that's weird. And must be annoying too. Think of all the comments from you I missed! And thanks! I was SOOOOO excited about the WoWInsider article :) I'm such a dork!


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