Mog my Mug - Items which change your Appearance - Trinkets

Sick of your appearance?  Longing for a change, but only temporarily?  This post is part of the series Mog My Mug - Items which change your Appearance.  Commissioned by Ayelena.


Trinkets are cool things to have to change your appearance because anyone can use them.  My friend Cymre from Bubbles of Mischief has actually done posts on all of these, click on the links in this page to read her detailed writeups.

Super Simian Sphere
A reference to Sega's Super Monkey ball, this trinket turns you into a gorilla in a pink bubble.  It looks pretty cool.  If you want one, it's a BOP world drop in Wrath of the Lich King.  Cymre's post here.

Time-Lost Figurine
Turns you into an Arakkoa, in fact it can turn you into any of a number of Arrakoa.  Drops from Terokk in Terrokar Forest, an Arakkoa who you summon and get rep and shinies from.  Cymre's post here.

Orb of Deception
Turns you into a member of the opposing faction.  World Drop, but at least it's BOE.  Seems to be a level 50-60 World Drop, so Vanilla zones.  Goddamn expensive Trinket too.  Note: It doesn't make you friendly to the opposing faction so you can't just waltz into Stormwind if you're Horde with this trinket activated!

Hook of the Master Angler
Turns you into a fish, allowing you to breathe underwater and increases your swim speed a little.  This is one of the rewards you can choose if you win the Booty Bay Fishing Competition, held on Sundays starting at 2pm server. Cymre's post here.

If you think of any I've missed, don't hesitate to comment on this post! Stay tuned for the next post in the series - Bag fillers.


  1. Uuugh ... I want a Time-Lost Figurine so badly but after I finished up Skyguard Rep on my space goat, I just haven't found the drive to go back to Skettis.

  2. @Tzufit - I'm lazy too! I should go get it, but I just think, gosh it would take up bag and bank space...

  3. It may be time consuming getting the pieces for the summon but at least it's all soloable now. Appreciate the referrals Nav. :)

  4. @Cymre - YW :) Besides, if I wrote too much about them it's really just rehashing what you said, so much easier for me this way really.

  5. Thank you Navimie and Cymre. I have seen a gorilla in a bubble and wondered, what? I kept meaning to try and find out what is was. I thought it might be some super hunter pet, lol.

    Now I want one, and oh the Time-Lost Figurine too!

  6. @tomeoftheancient - if you ask me all these other cute things make WoW just that little bit more addictive... but FUN :)


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