Reflecting back on 2011 - a troll through my blog

What a year it's been.  Can you remember what we did this year?  No?  Well let me remind you what we were up to as a guild this year...

  • We were doing our first raids in Cataclysm, Blackwing Descent.  We were still doing 25mans then!
  • Queensland had those dreadful floods, lots of guildies were affected
  • We finally killed that blind dragon Atramedes - gee how long did it take people to figure that out!
  • Christchurch got hit by earthquakes again, this time with casualties
  • Thraso and Earthwisper came back from wherever they went to raid
  • We got our first Ulduar 25 man drakes as a guild
  • Fue hurt his hand and didn't raid for the longest time
  • We hit Nefarian for the first time
  • We got our Seafood Magnifique Feasts recipe from fishing
  • Patch 4.1 came out - attendance was still lousy
  • We hit guild level 25!
  • We killed Cho'gall
  • We killed Nefarian
  • We killed Al'Akir
  • We killed Cho'gall in 25 man
  • Patch 4.2 came out
  • First look at trash in Firelands
  • Everyone is busy doing their Fireland dailies
  • We're having trouble getting enough people to raid in Firelands
  • Got our first Fireland boss kills (Shannox and Beth'tilac)
  • We got everything up to Majordomo Staghelm down
  • I was trying to finish my Bloody Rare and Frostbitten achievements
  • Enna showed me The Whispering Forest
  • Voe joined the guild
  • We killed Ragnaros
  • The guild got Warglaives of Azzinoth achievement (and Roshii did too)
  • Xynzelle quit playing WoW :(
  • I got Val'anyr and the guild got the achievement too
  • We started doing Heroic modes in Firelands
  • Blizzcon 2011 with lots of talk about Mists of Pandaria
  • We got up to 6/7 Heroic Firelands
  • New recruits came from Zodiac Guard
  • Patch 4.3 came out
  • Got 8/8 in Dragon soul, 10 man
  • The guild got Thori'dal, the Stars Fury achievement (and Aza's hunter did too) AND got the Ultimate collection achievement for having all Legendaries

So that was what the guild was up to!  In terms of what happened to me and my blog this year, I  joined into the blog community through participating in Blog Azeroth events, and by also joining Twitter.  I had a few particularly proud blog moments this year:
  • I participated in the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving event, submitting a poem, and won equal first prize.  That was a super highlight!
  • One of my posts was featured on WoWInsider.  That was AWESOME!
  • This last moment that I was really proud of, also happened during the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving event.  Tome of the Ancient mentioned me in her Thanksgiving post, and I didn't even know she read my blog, and what she wrote REALLY REALLY made my year.  Because someone was reading my blog and actually enjoyed it (and I didn't even know she was reading until she wrote this).
    I don’t raid, but I get my vicarious thrills reading about raids at The Daily Frostwolf. Until Fenris has a guild of retirees and night shift workers who raid between 10:30AM until 4:00PM weekdays I’ll cover it there. Most blogs that feature raiding usually post strategies, which mean nothing to me while Navimie’s posts on raiding frequently are more about the dynamics between personalities and the sometimes difficult job of fielding a raid.
So that's the year of 2011 in a wrap!  I look forward to another year of keyboard bashing from raiding and from blogging.  Thanks all for reading my blog this year!  I hope next year will be as fruitful :)