Twitter made me do it! Character names by class - the good, the bad and the ugly

I thought Twitter would decrease my ranting posts and Bleh! posts as I could do it on Twitter instead and let it off.  However, that's not the case!  Being on Twitter makes me see MORE things to go look at which make me think and make me want to write something!

Restokin tweeted "Why do people name themselves such horrible things?" with a link to WoWInsider's post about most popular names from GuildOx.  Now some of them are quite funny!  But I have to say, though they say these are the most popular names, I don't know that I've seen any of them....  though in truth, only one person per server can have that name so really, if I would have to play multiple realms to see any trend in names.

What could be happening is that someone chooses that name and then makes that name on many servers.. though would they make the same class with the same name on another server?  Reading that name list made me think about the names I've seen on MY servers for names (some are my friends of course):

  • Priestitute - Priestie/Frostie was the same person who was a friend of ours but no longer plays
  • Crossblesser - that was a cute one from the list

  • Frostitute - this name was on GuildOx's list! 

  • Bubbleoseven - there are many versions of this name, and I think it's a good name
  • Shampain - now this name and various accents on the "a" and "i" are really common!  We had a guildie with that name, then another guildie with that name... then I saw another person on the server with that name...
  • Rockhoof - 2 guildies with this name... one from Khadgar which was Fue's brother and the other on Dath'remar (I remember mistaking them, thinking it was Fue and Nabe's brother returned to WoW)

Druid - I have an earlier post about Druid names here
  •  Menopaws - that was a good one from that list.
  • Owlcapone/Owlkapwn/Owlcapwn - The Al Capone thing with the pwn thing no doubt made it a popular name choice.  It's not that terrible really.

  • Sunderpants/Sunderwear - was on GuildOx's list and I have to admit I really like that name
  • Executie - also on GuildOx's list but Execute was a warrior we had in our guild

  • Severus - from Harry Potter, and I thought Sevrus originally got his name from that but he swears he didn't
  • Plagueknight and Scourgelord are the most YAWN names I've ever seen
  • I personally like Roshii's DK (since I named it) - Dorkshii (Roshii DK anagram)
  • How could Legolas and it's various spellings not be on there??
  • Haemorrhage/Hemorrhage - well I saw one of those names today.
  • Backstabber - someone's alt in the guild has that name but spelt Backstabba

So other than your own awesome toon's name (obviously!) what names have you guys seen which were good, bad or just plain ugly?


  1. arrthas

    any dk that has something to do with Arthas!
    really shits me lol
    - Roshii

  2. @Roshii - oh yeahhhh gosh what bad names!

  3. Worecraft - believe it or not he is a warlock (I know him on Dath)

    Backfire - Hunter (knew him too before he decided to name change)

    Unemployed - was floating on dath for a bit (horde side)

    Faarken - (warrior) and on that note he used to sell stuff in the trade channel alot. Quite often you would see WTS Faarken cloth, WTS Faarken Gems. Made for some great entertainment in trade channel

    What gets me is when some names their tauren with bull in the name, which ok I actually own a tauren with bull in there (imaginabull) or if its a female Udder and milk in some form fits in there.


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