Trolling the forums randomly again...

I rarely post on WoW forums but there was a silly forum thread titled "Rate the Druid's name above you!".  Had to post but I really wonder what some people will say about my name.  After all it's not particularly cool.

However there were some rather cool druid names.  Like:

Shiftfaced (haha!)
Chucknourish (hilarious!)
Legendairyy (though Legendairy would be better imo)
Monkin (great for a troll boomy!)

So if I could rename my toon what would I name it?  After all my name is actually a rather personal anagram but sounds nice IMO... but if I wanted a druidy name... I would pick one of these:

Mooshroom (if I was boomy)

Well at least my name wasn't rated too badly!