The nice people you meet on WoW

"No person in the world ever lost anything by being nice to me."  - Lillie Langtry

I shouldn't say that it amazes me sometimes that people can be really nice in game because there are lots of nice people in the world, but I had a really pleasant encounter today.
I was at work, and doing TB peninsula dailies, and I had to afk suddenly, so I stealthed on the road (probably not the smartest thing to do) and went about my business.
When I came back I was unstealthed.  Now how did that happen?  And there was a mage standing next to me.  When I shifted form, he waved at me.  I waved back, wondering what he wanted.  Was it someone I knew?  He didn't say anything.  So I asked him in a whisper "Did you want help with your dailies?"
He said "I just saved you :) There were 3 mobs beating on you and you were like 10k health and I took care of them.  I even bandaged you after but it didn't do much.  There was an Alliance guy standing here watching you die."
Wow.  I was amazed, and I checked my combat log.  I was being beat up!  I thanked him profusely, and thought what could I give him?  I looked in my bags, nothing much there, but.. ah a Jug of Bourbon.  I gave him that as a thanks.  After that he was helping me do my dailies, chatting away.  Pleasant fellow, young though, from the way he spoke.
So we talked about WoW things like pets and mounts, and then I asked him about raiding and his guild.  He showed his age to me when he said "Oh, can I ask you one last question?  Do you like JB?"

JB?  Is that like JB HiFi? I asked him.

"Justin Bieber" he replied.  Ah ok, I thought. I'm showing my age.  "No, I don't really like him sorry."  And then he was like my friend for life, I was totally awesome, he said, and I listened to him telling me how crappy it was that JB was discovered on Youtube and made famous that way.

Handy having a mage, he ported us back to TB to hand in our quests and then we went back to Org where I saw a trade chat person asking for an enchant.  So I sent them a tell, and asked them to meet me, and when that person arrived, I realised he was the same guild as the young fellow I'd been chatting with.  The two of them waved to each other and started talking, and my new friend started telling the story of how he saved me.  I told my new friend that next time he can have free enchants (ie no tip), he can just look me up, and his friend too.

So that was yesterday.  Earlier in the week when I was trying to camp Vyragosa in Storm Peaks, there was a horde Priest on his mount at my camping spot.  I sent a whisper "Are you after TLPD? Seen Vyragosa this morning?  If you do can you give me a yell?  I'm not interested in competing with you for TLPD, but I would like to kill Vyragosa."

After a few exchanges, this priest told me that actually he was camping TLPD for his daughter.  He was two boxing, and he was on his son's character, camping for Aeonaxx in Deepholm.  He had both those mounts already on his own character, and since he was up at night he might as well camp while watching Anime.  Wow, what a great parent.  He was in a high level guild, but he didn't raid, his kids did all the raiding.  So I asked him how old his kids were, after all, that guild wasn't the kind of guild that took kids.  His kids were early 20s!  And he was in his 50s.  So he chatted to me a little about spawn times and what time I could best catch Vyragosa, and which direction she usually came from, and he told me he had the best luck at that spot where he was, camping TLPD.

So, it was a pleasant change to meeting total strangers in WoW who were friendly, almost up to the point of being cute.  Reminded me of that girl I met while in Twilight Highlands.  She was friendly too after she tried to ninja my mob I was taking a picture of (well she didn't see me, to be fair).

So just a nice reminder to everyone, be nice and people will be nice to you!


  1. Wow, there really are some nice people in wow.

    1. No this is me :) I was just reading the story again and I rember it crystal clear :)Oh and by the way... I old talked about "JB" because at the time I had only just found out how he got famous... I was actually 18 back then >..<


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