An amusing encounter in Twilight Highlands

I was flying in Twilight Highlands doing some fishing and thought I'd just check some rare spawn spots, and Overlord Sunderfury was up!  I was busy composing my picture when someone swooped in and attacked it.  I thought oh crap, I'd better grab a screenie, even though it's not my kill.

So I watched with some amusement as the poor lock died because an extra mob was pulled!  I did think to myself, hmph, serves them right, stealing my mob while I was trying to take a decent screenie.  But the good thing was that once the mob reset because the warlock died, I could take a decent pic!

Well to my surprise, I got a party invite from the lock!  So we killed him together and I won the roll for the blue and then the two of us got to chatting - her name was Keepsake.  From the way she spoke and was so friendly I figured she was a girl.  She admitted that she doesn't know how to play her lock - she has a DK that she plays.

She was surprised that I said we raid - she said she didn't think Frostwolves raided.  She said she only raids Fireland trash, and I extended an invitation to join but she said that our raid times wouldn't suit her - it would be 2230 to 0100 for her.