Fail Friday - Well I learned something new

Well, this is a 2 pronged Fail Friday.

I thought I'd be smart and try to clear Normal up to Mekkatorque so that we could start on our achievements straight up on the Monday. Mag came with me, looking for groups. I was wiping continuously on the first boss with my group and Mag had a group that had just done Opulence so I went with him. So, we did Conclave which was terrible but we got it, and then we were onto Rastakhan.

I got to go into Bwonsamdi's realm, and it was amusing that one of the people in the raid kept calling him Bob Salami. Mag and I thought we should use that in raids from now on.

Now this is where I learned my other interesting thing.

Nobody in Bob Salami's realm knew that you had to get rid of your stacks and so it was getting pretty hard to heal even when I tried to tell them to run to the green doorway things to drop your stacks. Pretty soon just me and one other person were left alive. The Rastakhan group managed to kill Rastakhan and then the fight ended and BOOM! We were all dead. But, we successfully killed the boss! So, that's what I learned - you can kill Rastakhan without killing Bwonsamdi, but everyone dies!

Is that the Fail Friday thing? Umm not quite.

So the fail comes on Monday when we go to do our cleared instance... but it is not cleared. Because I didn't clear the first bosses, they are all still there, even the ones I already killed. I just can't loot them. SO I BASICALLY DID THAT RUN FOR NOTHING.

Double fail!