Guildleader chores - I think that's it for raiding this patch

This hasn't been a super exciting tier, and people have been off having fun playing other things - Final Fantasy has been quite a pull, with lots of guildies off playing that. Splatz decided that he was going to take a break from raiding, and Mag and Deci followed suit. Gen and Ram went on holidays (but they also have been not very regularly attending raids), so it's been difficult to scramble from raid day to raid day figuring out what we're going to for tanks and heals.

This week, I have had enough of struggling for it. There are so many things I need to catch up on, such as PvP, achievements, pet battles... OMG the list is endless!

Anyway, I'll still be here. I still have things to do. But I think you can see even my enthusiasm is not what it once was - judging by the frequency of my posts LOL!