Fail Friday - Err, guess I was a bit rusty

Touchdown on Saturday and as soon as I got the kids in bed and had a shower after returning from New Zealand, I was logging in to do some M+.

Warmed up with a 10, and we didn't make it in time - well, I thought I was a bit rusty. Maybe HK was too. We hadn't played in a few weeks after all, and maybe muscle memory needed some exercise.

When we finished the dungeon, I opened my bag and I noticed my staff was in my bag. Huh. That's weird. Then it dawned on me.

I just healed that whole dungeon without equipping a bloody weapon.

It wasn't TOTALLY terrible, I did have an offhand equipped for some odd reason...

Well whoops. We did an 11 after that which was in time. I wonder if that was because I had a weapon equipped that time??


  1. my best was bear tanking lich king with a fishing rod & fishing hat back in the day.
    ah yes, fun times.
    the healers were not as amused as i was :-)

  2. I've noticed a bug with equipment sets recently but can't remember the exact details. I believe it was when you swapped from a MH/offhand set to one with a 2H weapon, it didn't swap out the offhand so couldn't load the 2H. My workaround was to set the offhand slot as not included in the set so the 2H always swapped in correctly.

    1. I think that's what happened because if I clicked on my sets it would swap from a 2H to the funny OH (because there was no longer a MH - I DE'd it).


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