Children's Week - Yeah, great for when you have alts...

I shouldn't really moan about the fact that Children's week has four new pets - I am sure those pets are supposed to be lasting us for the next couple of years (ie they won't put in new Children's week things) because they didn't put any new things for Children's week for YEARS.

But, you can get the new pets if you have four alts that are 110 and above. I only have 2 characters eligble (Navimie and Minndy), so off they went to get the pet. Here is little Azala, a cheeky Zandalari orphan.

I think she liked Gonk. You know how those kids love to change shapes...

Don't she liked Krag'wa very much!

There is actually a chest over there that you can open and you get cursed. You don't have to do it, but it's a bit of fun.

That cheeky little monkey was going to steal that stone I bet!

After we're done, it's back to Zul'dazar and we get our pets. However, I noticed something the second time around, thatnks to Crooked!

Why that pesky little ....