Raiding - Welcome back to raiding

Monday. There was heroic Crucible on Monday planned and I hadn't watched any videos - not that it helps me anyway, I feel like I watch it and still get confused. It's easier for me to watch a video of someone braiding hair or doing a knitting or crochet stitch than it is for me to follow and understand a raid. I think I'm getting old.

I read Ram's notes about what we were supposed to do and tried my best to follow along. Interrupts were a little bit weird but eventually we got there and we landed a kill. Yay! I really did find the fight super confusing. I think I need to practice it more.

We had a go at the 2nd boss too, but we didn't have much time left. We had a decent attempt at it though, and perhaps with more practice we might get it....

The bummy thing was the ragtag start of raid. It took ages to get started because people were straggling in and I could tell people wanted another go at the 2nd boss because it was late and we wasted half an hour waiting for people. I'd better reinforce the AFK and not waiting for people thing. But it's so annoying when some of those missing are key role peeps...

Anyway, that was a nice welcome back to raiding! Thanks for not killing it when I was away guys, so I could at least get a screenshot!!