Raiding - Nooooo we killed King Rastakhan

All these kills whilst we are alliance just seem wrong. I was late to raid on Thursday because of a meeting (I seem to have one every week, making me late every week ☹️)

I turned up and they had been trying a few things on Rastakhan. We had tried a couple of times before with not really much success. There was a new thing I was supposed to do which was hide behind the Death's Doors and apparently we don't get explosive damage from orbs? Anyway, I did as they asked but the damage was still pretty ugly.

Xhaka and I were both late to raid (we both turned up for the 8th pull) and the cool thing was we got a kill on the 10th pull!

There was one small difference that I noticed, other than Moo dropped because his latency was crappy and he wasn't doing good damage again. When we went into the Death Realm, I was like "Hey, where's Gen?" "I'm drinking!" she replied. And I realised I was all by myself in the Death Realm.

There were two good things about that. One, it made me heal more so I churned out good healing numbers, and secondly, that meant there were more DPS in the death realm so Bwonsamdi died faster. But there was a lot of damage and it was lucky I came down with a lot of mana. Unfortunately I lost Eirianna down there, and when we got out of Bwonsamdi I sat to drink and the last bit was just lots of running around avoiding being sucked in and dropping doors at the right place. There were a lot of crappy door drops.

But we did it!

I had to laugh at this: I was setting up for a kill pic... Splatz wasn't here yet so I couldn't use this picture.

And then Pancake swapblasted Galestion... LOL!

But, we all got back to our positions just in time for guild pic kill. Yay Frostwolves!