Raiding - Venturing into heroic

This week in raiding we knocked out a lot of normal on Wednesday and I missed Thursday's raid due to work.

However, Thursday was exciting, and not only did they manage to one shot Stormwall Blockade, they also killed Jaina! Yay! Then they moved into heroic and did Champion of the Light as well! Looks like I missed a pretty cool raid on Thursday. I moped about missing raid, and then I said I hoped someone took a kill picture... which they didn't...

Their cute reply was that "The guildleader wasn't here, so we don't take pics."

So I guess I will get a pic NEXT week.

So Monday goes around and we have a crack at Donkey Kong Grong and after working out how to do it with 3 druids and a shaman (Ram had to go), it went down, albeit messily...

Well, you can't take a pic of Grong, he just runs away! So, we had to settle for his chest instead. You know, it really should have been a barrel of loot....

We took a few bashes at Jadefire Masters, but Ram and Gravy turned up in the last half hour, so we weren't really trying hard, so next week we'll have a good crack!

Good work guys! And uhhh... how am I supposed to do the kill shot for Champions now? Do I remove myself from the picture and change the date??