Crooked's mount that really is for me

Now it's a little self centred to say that Crooked bought the Long Boi mount for me (AKA Brutosaur Dinosaur mount), but I did beg him to buy it, as he is one of the wealthiest people in the guild (WoW gold wise).

I whinged about the fact I can't find cooking ingredients in the Seal, and have to travel all the way to the trade area or lower Dazar'alor to find a cooking vendor for the mats for feasts and stuff. Yes, a rather small reason to be buying the mount - clearly the important cool thing is to have an AH on the mount - but it's important to me!

So Crooked managed to save up enough money for it, by doing WQ, dailies and selling things on the AH. That's Splatz by the way, looking tiny and harmless on the vendor part of the mount.

I don't know what Splatz did to make himself so tiny. CUUUUUUTE!

So now, we have our first guild Brutosaur. RAWR! Thanks Crooky!