Achievement - Bounty Hunting

Yay, I got my 10th bounty on 15 February. That was pretty satisfying - thank goodness for those pug raids in Allaince areas!

So, that's what I would recommend if you're farming this achievement. Either group up with your guildies and friends, or you can go on big raids in group finder where they kill alliance.

So how do you get a bounty? In Warmode, if you kill 10 alliance players without dying you get a bounty debuff, and so do the Alliance. Kill that person who is now listed as Bounty (and is also listened to by other tour membners, since he woudl be bored in his room. It's not that easy to click the bounty either, you literally only have seconds before the loot despawns. Bummer! You will get a

With Alliance dominating PvP in oceanic servers, it's hard to get so much done in terms of WQ. When you look the bounty, you will get a Bulding Coin Purse, Plundered supplies as well as soem junk item. Then you can hike it back up towards our base again.

Get 10 for an achievement! Good luck guys!