Supplied and Ready at last

Ever since they took that 400 ilvl thing away from world PvP, it has been a lot more tolerable doing the invasions in War Mode. The other day, Ram and Crooked helped me do the invasion and then try to look for the chest.

The chest in Zul'dazar has eluded me. Last time, I was looking for AAAGES and then I logged in frustration, and Spanky and Coffee told me later that it spawned about 10 minutes after I logged.

This time, the chest wasn't up, and there weren't any other shards we could hop to on Group finder to look for the chest, so the three of us just camped a spot each, looking.

It turned out that it spawned at Crooked's spot, and there weren't that many alliance around, so we killed a few who strayed in our way and I got my supply chest and achievement.

Phew! Glad that's done! Now that the pressure is off I can enjoy my warmode conquest and tokens a lot more... :P