Minipost - Welcome 2019!

Ah, the new year is here. I haven't been playing as much because I've been busy playing sandbox games that I got over Christmas, like Subnautica and Astroneer.

Did some IRL catching up with WoW friends. Eurie, Sev, Hk and I did an escape room in the Rocks, which was fun.

For NYE, HK and I went to Anna and Gal's to check out the fireworks. Pretty awesome views!

In the downtime in game I've just been keeping myself occupied with assaults and pet battles. Crooked has been trying to get his arena done with mixed success. I'd like to do it with him but I don't want to drag him DOWN. Maybe we can do 2s.

Splatz has also been online a bit, which is encouraging! I've said that raids are going to start on the 16 January, so that's still a fair way away.

So, sorry for the intermittent posting! My new year's resolution is to be a little more frequent :D