I wish they didn't give Alliance those extra rewards for World PvP

Zandalar assault was up today and it was one of the ones I needed for that chest, but I could not find it anywhere. I spent ages looking for it, and even went with Coffee and Spanky but to no avail.

Of course, 10 minutes after I logged in disgust, they found it.

On oceanic side, it is super hard to get around and do your world quests in war mode. In fact, the only reason I do it in warmode is to get the chest! Also to get some achievements.

I managed to get Boxing Match, but it was supremely painful....

I basically was just wailing on someone's Deckhand and I had 3 alliance beating on me and I'm like OMG please die Deckhand before I die, and nobody kill my peon please....

I got the achievement as I died. So no screenshot. Sad face.

However it was a nightmare trying to get around!  If I walked in that zone, the peon would appear, even if I was stealthed and pull aggro on stuff. Fish, other mobs, etc. I was destealthed and killed multiple times.

Anyway, I managed to finish my world quests somehow and joined a raid group for a bit of payback. Felt better afterward. Except for the fact that I already have my achievement for 1000 honour in Zul'dazar. Why couldn't we have been in Tiragarde!

The extra rewards for Alliance in warmode is SO frustrating. Frostmourne raiding parties are constantly out in world quest zones now, and Horde don't seem to have enough numbers to fight back. I know they wanted to make it more fair for alliance because they were having a tough time somewhere... but it would be so much better if they had one week they had a buff and one week we had a buff.

Anyway, still have 2 chests to go. Hopefully ONE will pop up this weekend!