Yay for forgetting to turn off dumb mode! 2 world PvP achieves done

After Friday's world PvP I kinda forgot to turn off dumb War mode and was wandering around doing world quests and archaeology... asking for trouble, really. Fortunately, with lots of people not on, it meant I was relatively safe.

Spanky and Coffee are always in War Mode and they talked about the planes that go overhead and drop supplies. Now I've never looted one, though I've heard the planes heaps of times. The last time I saw one drop I went to try to get it but couldn't get to it, which was a bum. I even asked Crooked to come and see if he could see the damn thing, but he couldn't either. It had either fallen on the tree, or fallen into the stairs.

I'm in the light but where is dis loot!!!
This isn't Fortnite, so it's not like I could chop the trees down to get the crate...

Anyway, on Monday I heard the plane, and then as I was flying to Atal'Dazar and so I quickly hopped off the birdy and jumped down to loot the crate. Woooo achievements!