Witchy Kitchen in Waycrest - get your Vengeful Chicken!

For a pet collector, I'm pretty clueless with all these hidden and secret things. Luckily I have guildies who read all those things and tell me when stuff is happening!

For example, on Thursday the World Quest in Waycrest came up.

Lilindrena told me to go do the world quest right now! I had logged on and promised HK I would do Darkshore with him (with the secret intention to go find the rares I missed) and Lil and Xan were in there at the time with Faith doing it, so they were going to do it again on their alts.

So, what we had to do was get to the kitchen and let the three quest kitchen guys beat on us for a while.

They actually did hurt a bit, and we were doing it on normal. I had to heal HK in boomy spec! After a while, these cooked chickens appeared on the floor and one had a quest to get!

Here's another pic so you can see it properly when we're not all crowding around trying to get it. Delicious chicken, nom nom nom!

It gives you this quest, Cutting Edge Poultry Science.

Look at HK's health whilst I was busy taking pictures. If he knew I was busy taking pics and not healing him, he would have been a bit cross....

So off we wen to Booty Bay to see Oglethorpe Obnoticus.

So! New pet, Vengeful chicken! It's a mechanical chicken (a modern take of that original mechanical chicken quest chain OOX homing robots which ends at the same gnome guy). Go out and get yours now! Hopefully it won't be another 6 months before the next time the quest appears...