Patch 8.1 - As usual, I have no idea...

Patch day hits and I have NOOOO idea as to what is new.

Everyone's been telling me that tranq got a nerf. Sadface.

Also, a lot of my favourite azerite traits got nerfed. Autumn leaves and Power of the Moon got changed a bit.

But, now we have invasions! And woah, the amount of Honorbound Service Medals (one of the currencies for this patch it seems) we need to buy stuff is outrageous. And to get those we have to do world quests in Darkshore and invasions in the Isles.

Something to do with the neck. Having no real alts myself, I have no idea what that's about. But it seemed like a good thing for all those who had alts.

But the main thing is a whole bunch of new quests to do as part of the quest campaign. That kept me busy most of the evening.

Gallywix actually comes with us to do something, that lazy coward....
Goblin azerite powered machines that blow up... and don't have insurance
Tyrande gets mad and dark... she looks kinda cool!

And Sylvanas went and killed some Nightelves, ressurected them as Forsaken, and Cool Dark Tyrande went and smashed one of the Valkyr to smithereens. That made Sylvanas mad.

But I got myself absorbed into class challenge pet battle achievements again. I did a dumb thing, but I'll talk about that on Friday...