Great Minds think .. like a Hive

Those Secrets crackers were at it again and they managed to get the Hivemind mount figured out!

So, it needed 5 people to do it, and so I thought I'd ask HK, Crooked and Galestion to do it. Then we didn't have a 5th. Maybe we could ask Mag.

Galestion was working so we thought we'd give it a go on Thursday when he was free.  So we logged on and we saw Gravy was doing Hivemind. Oh, and so was Fin! And Mag! And Spanky and Coffee!

We started doing ours too. There is a colour we all had to pick so we could get a monocle to do deal with a certain coloured mob later, and that took a while.

So we distributed it ROUGHLY by colour. Crooked took blue, HK took green, I took red and Galestion took yellow. Yellow is like brown like... urine is to faeces (!!) and red is like orange like fire, I guess. Anyway that's how we distributed it.

You start by getting the Talisman of True Treasure tracking from Griftah in Shattrath. That guy sells dodgy tuff, but this time it's real stuff!

After you equip it, stuff on the table behind starts glowing. I didn't see this, but the actual guide in Wowhead is pretty awesome with the whole guide (other than the secrets website).

A fish glows red (Vashj'r), a feather green (Skyreach), a pyramid yellow (Halls of Origination) and a letter blue.
Crooked clicked on the letter and off he went to do his Blue monocle. Crooked vehemently stated he didn't like anagrams, so it was good there was a guide. After flying to Highmountain, Karazhan, Razorfen Downs, Shrine of Aviana, Ironwall Dam, Niuzao Temple, Coldarra. He took slightly longer than us to finish so we helped him by summoning him to some of the spots.

HK did the Green monocle and he said he didn't have to do much. In Skyreach, there was a console behind the last boss, a dialogue box popped up, and lights appeared in front of him. He basically had to use the console to move a sun on a grid and then he got the Green monocle.

Galestion was last to choose and he moaned about his because the yellow was a real pain in the ass. After the first boss there is an elevator and you click on something to make a puzzle appear in the room below the elevator. Basically he had to transform all the constellations to the same colour.

I don't know exactly WHAT he did, but he joined Spanky's group and they had done it and he just walked in and... looted the yellow monocle??

I did the red monocle and it was one of those trading things in Vashj'r. So I started off buying stuff from Sir Finley Mrrgglton, and then trading that for other stuff from various fish around Vashj'r. It's the same as the trade thing in Zandalar for that toy!

After running around (and those items are time limited the way), I finally got my red monocle.

So then we dragged Coffee with us to do this door. The four of us with monocles had to go find mobs in Suramar (whose names first letter corresponded to first letter of our coloured monocle), and we had to put on our monocles and get the mobs to 1% at the same time so this door could open and Coffee could get in. There were a lot of people doing it, and the mob would get wailed on by our followers from Legion, so after much stuffing around we got it open and Coffee looted a Lost Cat Toy. She took damage when she clicked the toy which amounted to a 4 digit number which was a code for the next bit!

Off we went to Court of Stars to see Lady Chaton and her cats.

The order was Mrs Fluffymuffins, Shadow, Mew, Ash, Bella. And we had to stroke the cat for the cat to get a buff, and the stacks of that buff had to be the number. Ours was something like 7232 so we made Coffee do the easy thing of not stroking Mrs Fluffymuffins, and the rest of us stroked our cats so that Shadow had 7, Mew and Bella had 2 and Ash had 3. The buff of Purring only lasts 15 seconds so you had to get it done at the right time. We did ours first go, so that was good. The cats ran to the pool and ran around in a circle, causing an orb appeared and we clicked that and off we went to the next part.

Now this room took a bit of work. We had different solutions from different websites but the Wowhead one was the one that worked. Essentially it was a jumping puzzle and we had to each go in order a certain direction to make new platforms appear so that eventually we'd reach the other side.

Yay we made it!

A door opened and we went to the other side to find a bridge of arcane lava. This puzzle was one of those puzzles where you had to get to the other side but one person was the "Ferryperson" and the rest of us could only go in certain combinations together, which was totally random. This puzzle itself is the same as the Farmer, wolf, goat and a cabbage puzzle - a 9th century puzzle!
Once upon a time a farmer went to a market and purchased a wolf, a goat, and a cabbage. On his way home, the farmer came to the bank of a river and rented a boat. But crossing the river by boat, the farmer could carry only himself and a single one of his purchases: the wolf, the goat, or the cabbage.

If left unattended together, the wolf would eat the goat, or the goat would eat the cabbage.  The farmer's challenge was to carry himself and his purchases to the far bank of the river, leaving each purchase intact. How did he do it?
So through trial and error, we figured out Galestion was the Ferryperson. I can't remember the details of the group of 3 of us that could cross together (Gale thinks it was me, HK and him) , but HK had to come back a lot. I had a dumbass moment trying to get on the damn disc, but eventually we all managed to cross.

Now the last bit, the easy bit. We ran in to the room with the Hivemind, stood on a circle each and clicked!

Yay, now we got our mount! And the cool thing was that all of us who did it together could ride in the same mount (as in a hive), and it gave a little speed buff!

Coffee will have to do it with Spanky at some time so she should be hiveminded with him, but for HK, Crooked, Gale and myself, it will be cool that we can all jump in the same mount :)