Fail Friday - Look PROPERLY Navimie

I was cross because I didn't get a Greatfather Winter Hearthstone. So I decided to log onto Minndy to go get one. I thought it was like those cushions from Winter Veil a few years ago - lots of different ones.

"Has WoW gotten so bad that Navi has now lost her marbles and playing an alt?" asked Splatz.

"I just want my Hearthstone toy, I didn't get one on Navi," I said.

"But everyone gets one," said Spanky. "Did you open all your presents?"

"I think so," I said. "Let me get it on Minndy first and see if I get my hearthstone."

Sure enough, Minndy got both toys. So I went back to Navi.

"Oh, oops, I forgot to open one of the presents!" I said when I went back to the tree on Navi.

I opened up the present... hmm no hearthstone. OK well, I guess I didn't get one.

But then I had a closer look in my bags. Oh dear, sure enough, hidden amongst the wealth of crap in my bags was not one, but TWO unopened presents.

And there was my hearthstone.

Navi you idiot.


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