Dungeon Achievements - Losing my profession

Within Siege of Boralas and Waycrest Manor there are a bunch of profession based activated bosses that will net you an achievement. We did some of them the other day, but we managed to finish them off yesterday.

In Siege of Boralas there are three profession based bosses. You have to have your BFA profession up to 75 before you can active the boss.

Threshanator 3000 is the Engineering one, located not far from the start of the instance at 16.4, 17.35. Galestion did it the first time, and we had Madcow the second time to do it.

The Blacksmithing one is down on the dock at 58,70 after you've fought your way through monkeys throwing bananas and the big giant adds that fear you. There is an anvil there that when clicked will summon Brutik Blackanvil.

The Alchemy one is a Strange Vial that is located on the table at 54, 74 not far after the Blacksmithing one that will summon Liz Vilepot. Lucky Coffee was around to do that.

We did the first two the other week when we were doing Siege of Boralas achievements - Galestion was there. The next time, we brought Madcow to help us do the achievement as our resident Blacksmith. He was eager to log after that dungeon so that was kinda cool... coz then we could wake Sev up and drag our inscriptor scribe to Waycrest.

Yes, I actually did say inscriptor or inscriptinator or inscription person when I was considering waking up Sev. I was admonished by HK and Crooked. "You mean SCRIBE, Navi?"

Depending on which doors are open your day, there is no order in which you do the Waycrest ones. The first one we did was the Leatherworking one, where there was a map (Map of Leather Traders) in the hunting lodge, near the Kraken Fireplace. Aimei was our leatherworker who made Huntmaster Grath come out.

The next one we did was the Tailoring one, which was a Cursed loom located on the top floor of the Banquet hall, and summoned Seamstress Johanna. Hey, so I was useful with my tailoring!

In the fountain in the outside courtyard where you fight the Soulbound Goliath is the Vile Pod which needs an Herbalist to activate it, summoning Groundskeeper Lilith. Interestingly, in this picture you can still see the pod after we clicked it. Yay, Coffee was useful again!

The Ancient Tome is located on a bookshelf before you go down the cellars. This is what we needed a Scribe for, but apparently you can do it if you have enchnating as well. I didn't know that, otherwise I could have done it. Well, we won't tell Sev that. It was nice to have his company after all! Out came Governess Tabitha!

The last one was the Cooking profession one, which was a bottle of vinegared wine, located in the cellar not far from Matron Alma. Out came Vintner Justin.

Yay, Aimei, Crooked, Coffeehunter and I got our achievement done. Woo!

Whilst we were in Waycrest, I also convinced HK to do Soulbound Goliath's achievement, Run Wile Like a Man on Fire. You just had to make sure you burn the Goliath before it gets 12 stacks of Soul Harvest. Now, I wasn't sure of the number myself, so I may have told HK that it was 8 stacks. So he was running all over the place looking for fire to burn it before the stacks got up. Which was fine, since we got the achievement.

We also went around killing all the 5 witches that spawn in front of organs and then we stood at the main entrance to see if different music would play. The silly thing is, that we don't normally play with music so we had no idea if what was being played was what is usually played or not!

I love looking at human houses, especially at the paintings on the wall, and Waycrest Manor is no exception. There are heaps of ones that follow you with their eyes!

And then of course there is this picture that changes to creepy after a few seconds...

If you have the time to look around Waycrest, check it out! It's got so many cool things in it - when you're not rushing through the place for a M+ LOL!


  1. What an odd achievement! It seems weird to have to drag in different people to get that done. You would have to have a big rotation for everyone involved to be able to get all the profession achievements, wouldn't you?
    Nevertheless, it's pretty cool. And well done to you for getting it done! :D

    1. Apparently you can CC the add whilst the other person zones out, and then brings in their main and then engage the mob. I haven't tried it myself, but that's totally viable!


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