Raiding - Our first one night clear in Heroic Uldir

Raid numbers have been low, so I was going to let alts in this week, but Ram put his foot down. "No alts until we clear this in one night!". So I kicked everyone off their alts and off we went on our mains. 

People were whinging, because I had said they could. "The choice is up to you, Navi," they said. "You're the guild leader!" However, Ram was right. We probably SHOULDN'T do that.

Anyway, we managed to do a 1 night clear for the first time. That was a good achievement. So you know what that means....

Alts next week.


  1. Quit at perfect time just before bfa
    sounds like ram turned into hitler from wat a few have said
    used to b just 4-6 weeks of farm none of this 1 nite rubbish


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