PvP: Obtained my Vicious War Clefthoof

Yay, I managed to complete my arenas for the season and earn this season's mount. We can't get saddles at the moment (except through old achievements, I think) so the only way to get mounts this season is to arena.

With Sev not PvPing much because warlocks are in a bad place this expansion, I've been playing with Galestion, Krygore, Pancake and Deciphel. We even went with Spoon once, and also Coffee and Spanky at times to help me cap. Thanks to all those guys who helped me get there eventually!

So here I am on my mount. I should have taken off my pet battle hat, it's ruined the whole look LOL.

Things to note:
- You can't earn progress towards the mount until you get 1400 rating. If you drop below that then wins with a rating below 1400 don't count. My rating fluctuated between 1400 and 1600.
- You can earn it from both 2v2 and 3v3 and RBG rated games. You earn it super slowly from 2s though, so 3s is the better option.
- I earned it at 1% per game win, but I've seen others getting 2-3%. I thought it was rating based, but apparently that might be a catchup thing.