Blizzcon 2018 - Navi's reactions from Day 2

I started by watching Arena World Championships all morning!

Watching Pen and Paper get wiped out by The Gosu Crew (I did wonder, is their team a rearrangement of Go Screw U? I bet it is HA HA) was a bit disappointing but TGC played really well and Pikaboo is an amazing rogue! Gonna have to talk to Pancake about his amazing plays!

Then TGC versus Method Black was also an amazing set of games, but when EU was eliminated much to HealingStats' dismay, watching Method Orange take on TGC was just like watching a perfect team play. They played Boomkin, DH and resto shaman for all their games and it was a comp that really worked for them. TGC played rogue, shadowpriest and resto shaman and didn't switch it up, trying their best to break that amazing Method Orange comp, but to no avail. The Lively Spirit azerite trait that the boomkin SamIyam was running when lined up with incarnation was a deadly combination which took out TGC time after time!

Neri and Mon were watching and me typing to them on Twitter after each nail biting game was almost as good as being there myself. Oh, how I wish I was there to watch! CDew finally got his win at World Championships, and he had a HUGE fanbase - I saw he had a baby a few months ago, this must be the ultimate year for him!
I went back to see what I missed, and I watched the Voices of War: Horde vs Alliance from yesterday, and that was pretty cool. Ordinarily that wouldn't be something I would go see, but from the comfort of my own home, it was pretty good to watch. I love how the voice actor of Anduin actually plays WoW (and a massive fan) and was playing Horde for a while, and now is back to Alliance. There was a funny moment where Sylvanas' voice actor spoke to Anduin's voice actor and they were both in character voice:

Patty (Sylvanas): I'm so glad our little Lion had decided to play for the Horde. That mean secretly he loves me.
Josh (Anduin): Also I might have seen the error my ways.

The voice actors for Bwonsamdi, Nola, Rhokan, Jaina and Katherine Proudmoore were also there, and at the end of the panel, the voice actor for Jaina sang the Daughter of the Sea from the Warbringers Jaina video. That was pretty special.

After that I watched the videos that I missed - the Mythic Dungeon Invitational. Seemed like Blood DK, rogue, mage and demon hunter were the team to be. One team had a disc priest (Free Marsy) and the other had a mistweaver monk. Some crazy pulls! Free Marsy won the first elimination and I didn't have time to watch the rest of it - I'll do that tomorrow. So, no spoilers please! Obviously I have a Free Marsy bias since they are Australian (and were from our server!).

Other things I need to go back to watch include the Cosplay contest and also part of the closing ceremony. But, there was one thing I noticed - I wasn't as HYPER thrilled about Blizzcon as I was years ago. I used to hang out online in guild and we'd talk about the announcements - I logged on whilst I was watching and it was DEAD SILENT. I wonder, was it because everyone was in WoW classic? More likely, it was the content drought apathy that seems to come increasingly quickly these days. Still, I think I'd like to go to another Blizzcon, just to nerd out and get into the crowd mentality excitement that keeps me young!

Oh, and I also bought the charity pet, Whomper, which was announced on Day 1. I just couldn't resist.