WoWCrafts - Chainmaille by Sunrock Bazaar

I love chainmaille crafts - I have quite a number of bracelets and keyrings maade by WoW players from Etsy, so I was delighted when one of my WoW friends locally started her own shop!

Natanie (who is Moogyver's wife) started up a shop a while ago (and I feel like I helped encourage her to do it - but I know lots of people did) and she has been making a lot of cool things! I whispered her and asked her if she would make me one of her dice bags - which I was going to use as a coin purse for my car.

I requested they be in Horde colours, but she decided to go one better - she put a Horde logo on it!

Today I dropped by their house to pick it up. Isn't it fantastic! I was gushing about it for ages!

It already have some coins in it, and it fits them all in quite comfortably. It even sits on its end very well (even without the coins). The maille is of a finer link than other bags I've seen so it is very solid.

You can find Natanie's store, Sunrock Bazaar, at or Happy shopping, and thank you again my dear friend Natanie for my precious custom piece!


  1. Now THAT's a dice bag!!!

    Okay, fess up. What RPG do you play?

    1. LOL Redbeard. It's being used as a coin bag!

    2. Aw, damn. Thought there was another RPGer here....


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