Raiding - Ahead of the Curve: G'Huun

So we did a nice clear of our farm bosses up to G'Huun on Wednesday and we had a few goes at it. Putting the ball in the hole was a bit of an issue on Wednesday, but by Thursday everyone was a lot better.

So we spent some time trying to get the balls in faster, making sure people were spreading out, and also controlling our blood stacks. We ended up having only the tanks stacking in for the first blood, and the everyone else in the second blood to clear the stacks and then we put the ball in and reorigination phase went up.

The last bit was new with pustules everywhere that burst and killed people but we managed to figure that out in two pulls so that was really good - OMG it was so cool to watch the health ticking down and then a tank died and we were like KILL THE BOSS!!!

Woo! G'Huun down!

Now Mondays are free! No more raids on Mondays! Unfortunately, Mesa, Koda, Mag, Eurie, Galestion and Hexy weren't there but hopefully next week they can get a kill too!


  1. This was (in my opinion) a really crappy boss fight to end what I believe was a really lacklustre tier. It's not a fight I'll have fond memories of and it certainly isn't one I'll happily bring myself back to.

    That being said, I'm incredibly glad we got it down, as it means I can spend a lot more time focusing on mythic+.

    Congrats Frostwolves and good work everyone,


  2. Congrats Frosties!!! Awesome work :)

    1. Thank you Dragonray! It's good to hear from you :) Hope all is well with you!


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