Fail Friday - Learn to look at raid drops properly Navi

We were raiding on Wednesday and Deciphel got this 2H mace drop. I was like oh cool, a weapon with Haste and Crit on it. I need weapons with that.

"Oh, yay a weapon with Crit and Haste!" I said in Discord. I whispered Deci "I want it!"

"Uhh, sure?" he said.

So we rolled on it and Fin rolled against me but I won the roll. Yay, I was excited. OOH it was a 2H mace! Cool, haven't had a healing 2H mace since... oh maybe WotLK? There was definitely one in Vanilla.

We're about to pull the second boss and I equipped my new weapon and said "Wait, not ready, I just need to enchant my weapon."

There was a bit of a pause, whilst I looked for the appropriate enchant. "Uhh," said someone. It may have been Splatz. "You know that's a STRENGTH weapon, right?"

Err... it is? I looked at it. Well, crap, it has stam but yeah, no Intellect....


Whoops, lucky I didn't waste an enchant on it. Everyone was laughing at me, and I was the butt of all the jokes all night, mostly things like:

"Hey Nav, this trinket has strength on it, you wanna roll on it?"

Anyway. At least I got a new transmog item...


  1. we once had a mage who gemmed 2 pieces of tier gear with top strength gems....... then wondered why is dps went way


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