About Bloody (coins) time! Kilnmaster Navimie!

Well, that only took about 5 years.

Bloody coins farming is not particularly easy when you're a healer. So, since I still do BGs and things, I try to have it on as much as possible (as long as I'm not going to die before I have the chance of getting a coin).

You can often see me in BGs spamming moonfire trying to get that killing blow, and I'm always so excited to get even one!

So last Friday I managed to get some killing blows and my Kilnmaster (which is 1000 bloody coins). I managed to complete it on Friday PvP night when we were out killing alliance for the weekly in Tiragarde Sound.

So I rushed off to get the mount, and much to my surprise it's only 500 Bloody coins to buy. I could have gotten it ages ago!

But, wouldn't you know it, there's a 2000 coin achievement too. Damn, that will be another 5 years before I can get that...