What I hate and What I love in BFA right now

You know I REALLY HATE herbs. Especially Anchor Weed.

This whole Anchor Weed thing is doing my head in. It's bloody hard to get, I refuse to buy flasks now and I feel like I'm gimping myself in M+ because I'm not flasking and I can't make enough money to be able to afford it. I cannnot wait to be able to buy it with some sort of resources but at least this recent patch that upped the drop rate of Anchor Weed helps somewhat.

Secondly. I hate Sanguicell.

What do I DO with this rubbish? Yes, it's for crafting stuff. But it's for making gear. But I'm not making gear (though I do have a gear making profession). And what about all those herb/alchys? Or miner/JCs? They can't do anything with it! But yes I do have a profession which can use it... which brings me to the third thing which makes me cross.

Tailoring high level items.. are BOP. For many years people have asked me why I have not dropped Tailoring. It's because I've had it for SO LONG that it was good for funding enchanting mats. However, now the only thing I can make with sanguicell makes a BOP cloth item. SERIOUSLY? All I can do with it is DE it! Or...


Scrapping is KILLING my enchanting. To be honest, if it wasn't for tailoring, I would have no dust to prop up my enchanting. Fortunately, making the cheapest stuff in tailoring makes a buttload of dust (bracers) so I don't need greens anymore. Ugh, that everything needs expulsom is doing my head in!

However, there are things that are cool.

Firstly, did you know if you put on your artifact fishing rod and get in a 2 person mount, you will move faster through the water on the mount? Super useful when getting around for world quests! Doesn't work in dungeons though...

Secondly I do like islands. I like having a little thing to do that's not a dungeon and yet I can get cool things like pets, weapons, toys, mounts. Not that I have had any PETS mind you. I did get a cool BOE weapon that I couldn't use but Splatz wanted it and so did Galestion. However, Splatz offered me gold for it, so that was an easy choice.

Plundered Blade of Northern Kings
I also like riding the funny fast timed mounts. Donk is in Stonewatch Outpost in Stormsong Valley (which opens after you do the outpost missions as Horde). You click to mount and he carries you in his hand for about 30 seconds. You can still get agro though and take some falling damage but it's quite funny.

There is also a Krolusk in Vol'dun that you can mount as well (at the flight path near Temple of Sethraliss). I often go to that flight path and use the Krolusk there. There is also a rideable unicorn (which for some reason I can't ride) in Drustvar that the others could ride (but I couldn't)

Lastly, I do like War Mode. I feel like it has made world PvP a viable thing again, and it has removed all those PvP/PvE servers. I like that you can turn it on and take the risk of running around doing world quests solo and get greater rewards (well 10% more), or it can also make group questing fun as we defend ourselves against marauding alliance. I think the concept is great and hope it is here to stay for the future.