Sunday raiding - Full clear!

Whether it was due to the NRL Grand Final on the Sunday Labour day long weekend, or whether interest is waning, we had only half the number of people turn up for raid. It was no drama though - because even so, 18 people turned up!

Sorry Storm fans...
It was probably half heroic and half normal raiders, so the mix was decent. And the best part was, that we cleared it all!

Kjerstin and Krygore were tanking and we had Madcow and Deci doing the sides with Yig and Sychosoulja, and they did quite well. Obviously it went well, because we got it down. There was one amusing moment that became a bit of a meme - I can't remember who suggested we have DK's up the side doing the orbs (when they actually meant DH's) and Hwired piped up saying "Hey we can do it if there's wheelchair access because, you know, DK movement is just awesome," and I just could not stop laughing - because DK mobility is about as amazing as warlock mobility. And please dont even mention burning rush to me. Warlocks and DKs are the slowpokes of the raid.

Crooked, Erve and I were three healing for that part and I managed to get Blood on to heal in the last bit because it was a bit hectic with just 2 healers whilst I was running around the top healing the guys up there.

Even Faith felt happy about it all. She enjoyed herself, and I was worried about her getting stressed.

So, it's settled. No more 2 groups! Heh, that only lasted 3 weeks! Back to normal again now woo!