Raiding - How 2 Mythrax kills were so satisfying!

When we did the normal run on Sunday we still ran two groups - a few less people and we would probably be able to do just one group.

There was a paucity of healers in the heroic group so Crooked kindly let me go with them and heal, and we rushed through it so I could go back and help the scouting pack guys with their raid. All the bosses we had done before were done really well, and they were stuck on Mythrax.

It took many goes of everyone trying to figure out where to stand and I was thinking OMG can we do this... when suddenly it just clicked and everyone was standing in the right spots and avoiding all the things. Phew!

On Monday we tackled Mythrax and it was the same. Suddenly it just clicked and we positioned things right and we got it down!

It's so weird how when you do something and it just seems impossible until you get just the right positioning and everyone doing it in sync then it just clicks!

Anyway, I was more excited about Sunday's normal kill of Mythrax than the scouting pack guys were... lol I think they thought what's so hard about this? LOL

The heroic one we did limit the people we had. We only had 6 melee, 9 ranged, 5 healers and our 2 tanks. That turned out pretty good actually!

Yay Frostwolves! One more to go...