PvP - Broken Sev and Druid changes

Sev had such a miserable time in arena he threw the towel in last week. He is focussed early and can't cast or do anything, he dies fast and he hates being the focus target because he feels useless.

Sev even tried demo lock (he normally plays affliction), and that was marginally better but not what he was happy with.  I tried to get him in a triple DPS team with 2 melee but he logged quickly after a few games that I felt bad and got back on again and did some games with him to cap. But he pretty much said at the end of Monday that he needed to level something else.

Supatease had a tweet the other day which I thought was highly appropriate.
This week everyone was telling me that resto druids are getting a 30% nerf in PvP, effective Monday. However, when I read the fine print it was ACTUALLY talking about a large nerf to resto affinity healing, which I think is probably decent. Ret Pally and feral/boomy druid offhealing can actually keep the whole team up, which is surely totally OP. However, there will also be some nerfs to my healing as well in resto, which is probably not uncalled for, as I do survive quite a while in PvP in general. In fact, I wish I would die faster in BGs/Brawls sometimes so I can come back with full mana.

I am now a convert to a melee team arena 3s. That's so different to 6 years ago when I was doing double caster with frost mage and afflock! I wonder what Sev's new PvP toon will be? Priest? Monk? DH? DK? Time will tell.


  1. Is this ... because warlocks are currently in bad shape and everybody beats up on them because of that and Sev is a warlock? Or is it something us care bears won't get?

    1. Warlocks seem to be suffering in PvP. Personally, I think it's about time someone fixed them, but it does mean I can't really play with my friends which sucks. PS: I also edited post to make it clearer :D

  2. melee has been stupid strong since mop.
    blizz likes it this way as they keep nerfing ranged.
    if you want to do any sort of rating in pvp you play melee.
    if you dont care about rating then just have fun.
    for the mount all you need is wins after 1400.
    even in 2's


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