Guildleader chores - Guild spring cleaning and name shenanigans

HK has been very frustrated at me because I have been very distracted these past week or so.

"Why are you typing all the time," he said. "Can you concentrate on healing please?"

I'm not just typing to Spanky, or yapping with Ram or Gen. I'm actually typing to the MANY people who are wanting to join the guild. There has been a huge influx in the last week or so!

Let's see if I can name them all, and we can look back in a year and see if these guys are still here!

There were a few of Gravy's friends - Magicstorm (who also turned out to know Kjersten as well), Then Karskin who was friends with Brannaki, Djalu and Dixon who were friends with Morkra - oh and Kaayli. That made a nice little M+ group!

Hotter and Gib came next who were actually a longer conversation - also friends with Morkra. Did he put out an ad or something??? LOL

Then Sleepyjoe (friend of Brann), Narnio (one of Crooked's friends), and Pancake's friend Mightypain (who speaks hilariously in guild chat), Narnio (friend of Crooked), Mightypain (friend of Pancake) and Persephone (a friend of Gravy). Phew!

Talking to each new recruit is such a long process. I tend to micromanage the people side of things (and leave the raid stuff and guild bank to everyone else) that I have a personal say in all new recruits, so that I get a feel for all the people here.

Then it was time to clean up the guild - a lot of unplayed alts and people who hadn't logged on for 2 years. People were freaking out that I was on some sort of angry rampage - not at all, our guild is approaching 1000 characters and with everyone's alts in there too, it was getting rather full in the guild! Taxar politely logged onto all his toons he hadn't played in forever and removed them from the guild. He didn't have to do that... but it did help!

Interestingly, I had my first guild decline the other day. Magic wanted a friend of his to to join the guild and be less reclusive, and he whispered me and you can tell in the whisper that he was only doing it because Magic wanted him to. So I may have over exaggerated our behaviour rules and also mentioning that inappropriate toon names may not be looked upon favourably (and would also not be allowed in the guild) and with all the pauses in replies, I wasn't surprised that he declined to join.


I apologised to Magic for scaring off his friend, and he said it's ok, his friend had some toon names which were rather questionable. He told me what they were, and I was puzzled as I didn't know what they meant.

"HK," I asked, "What is a Gloryholl? Is it something rude?"

Well, HK was a bit taken aback and told me in simple terms what it was - a hole in the wall that men like to... well, get what I'm saying. I thought it was rather amusing, and considering the last time there was a rude word and half the officers didn't know what it was, I thought I would ask in officer.

Splatz may have choked on some of his drink when he read my question.

Magic then told me that his friend also had a toon whose name was a play on Fleshlight. Of course, I had no idea what that was. So I also asked in officer.

"How are you so innocent?" said Splatz, after I exclaimed over my discovery on Google that it was essentially a vagina on a stick.

"I don't play with male sex toys," I retorted.

I thought the whole conversation was too good to not share with the guild, so I asked in guild what a Fleshlight was, and the guild chat literally erupted into hilarious chaos. I told Magic to tell his friend that although his friend did not join the guild, there was much entertainment to be had from his name. Guess I may have overexaggerated our prudishness - but, we can't let everyone know how cool it is here, otherwise EVERYONE would want to join!


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