Fail Friday - Why didn't we wait for the restart

Mesa got on after training on Tuesday and made a group so we could do his 10 Shrine last Tuesday. It was only 1 hour before rest and having not done a 10 before I wasn't sure if we could do it in time, but he thought maybe we could.

Well, if we had 7 more minutes, probably we could have. We had to do it again coz it reset as we were heading to the last boss. Poop. Spoon came into the channel to laugh at me. Typical.

Anyway, that was a lesson learned. Did it again as a 9 but man that was a bummer!

We had HK, me, Mesa, Deci and Morkra doing it the first time, then Mork went to bed and we did it with Krygore.

Remind me not to do that again! Ugh, wasted key!