Fail Friday - Oh, what's that achievement?

Last Sunday we had our two team split for normal and the Heroic team got an achievement - What's in the Box? I moused over it and it said Defeat Zek'voz in Uldir after exposing the Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron to the Protection of Yogg-Saron on Normal difficulty or higher.

I didn't look it up, or see what it did, so when we got to Zek'voz with the scouting pack group, I pulled out the Puzzle Box and oh dear, it was huge. I thought, uh oh, is anyone going to notice?

Some weird swirlies appeared on the floor. And some of those elephant Yogg adds were running around. Was that from the box? Oh dear, I don't know... anyway it was a bit overwhelming and we wiped.

Oops. Maybe nobody noticed. I don't think anyone did notice.

But, Ultra told me later how he told Crooked to pull out the toy in the heroic group's normal run, so he did. I admitted to him then, that I saw them get it in theirs and pulled it out on the other run and caused a wipe.

Bad Navi. Bad Bad Navi.