Navi's Thoughts: "Old Soldier" Cinematic

I saw this on the launcher when I logged in. And all I can say is WOW.

I watched Warbringers: Jaina, and Warbrainers: Sylvanas, and though they were good, I didn't have the same reaction as I did to Saurfang's video.

Saurfang's despair, his loss, mirrors how I feel about the events. The lack of honour in this whole Darnassus sacking really bothered me, and I know it bothered a lot of people who play Horde.

Exray and Aza told me that no it's bad, this video. In 2 weeks, apparently I will understand. Next week I will feel bad at the battle for UC. OK. I guess I'll ride this emotional roller coaster till then.

But at the moment, perhaps this video was released to make me think that I am not the only one feeling uncomfortable about this week's events. That I don't have to be a mindless murderer to be horde. That to be horde is to be honourable.

Oh, and by the way, I was confused why Saurfang said about living another day "Without honour?" but this tweet suddenly made it all clear....

Makes so much more sense!

Anyway, I guess we shall see. And then I'll understand. And there will be more uproar about the story...


  1. it was a great cinematic. apparently the collectors edition has extra story that adds stuff to make ingame make more sense> ( fucken out of game stuff /end rant)
    also it was released at a con called chinajoy hence why it came out at a weird time.
    Blizz knew they were going to fuck everyone over with emotions this time. hence why we have to story the way it is. getting pulled from 1 extreme to the other. they knew that shit was going to hit the fan, everything has been perfectly planned.
    next week will be the sacking of undercity & we are still waiting on the 3rd warbringers episode which features queen azshara.

    devs have also said BFA will finish the Horde/Alliance conflict so be prepared

    when Chris Metzen says on twitter
    "My counsel is that everyone take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. I will! You haven’t seen the whole form of the wave yet. As Douglas Adams would tell you - Don’t panic! :)"

    strap in for one hell of a ride.
    also for the saurfang movie check out this. Bay breaks it down from a editor's POV & there is so much in the details i missed as to why everything is done the way its done

    1. That was 50 minutes worth of analyzing a 6 min video!!! Was good though. I even left a comment!


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