More "Old Soldier" reactions, breakdowns, and this shoulder thing

If I was in tears, I wondered what Panzer would be doing. So I watched her reaction video, and yep, there were tears.

It's interesting because I am sure Blizz wants us to feel these emotions! Wants us to hate Sylvanas. Wants us to know that we yearn for honour and somehow that this is going to all make sense... or maybe we're just lining up Sylvanas for a kill...

I noticed that Spankyhunter linked me a breakdown video about Old Soldier which I spent a whopping FIFTY minutes watching. It was good, Bay's enthusiasm about CGI and animation clearly shows as he nerds out about snow and ash and wrappings on the horde pendant.

I think there will be T-shirts for Zappyboi come next Blizzcon, if not soon! He has been such a fan fave. Apparently it's been released that his name is Zekhan as tweeted by @TerranGregory
And this shoulder thing. I didn't know it was a thing. Now I think I shall jump onto the bandwagon of Shoulders for Saurfang to show my support for as a Horde I want to be honourable (as opposed to using it as a protest for "I don't like how you made Horde do this" YES THERE IS A DIFFERENCE). Now to find something that won't make me look totally ridiculous....