Darkmoon Faire Boar Blight Concert - Perfect Performance

I spent the better part of the evening trying to get my Big Race with the Racing Strider in 20 tolls and failing miserably, despite Spanky and Coffee spending so much time to help me. I felt like an idiot. I think the best I got was 22. I have real issue with the jump off the cliff and losing the walk on water buff.

So I thought I'd give a go at the Boar Blight concert. I have done it many times, but never to do the achievements where you get roles. For those who have been hiding under a rock, the Boar Blight concert is a rock band that plays hourly on the half hour (Elite Tauren Chieftains plays hourly on the hour). The Death Metal Knight drops a variety of items, the most coveted being Necromedes (guitar transmog), Cage helms (all identical for classes) and a toy (microphone).

I didn't quite understand how to get the roles - I knew there was some dodging of the banshee waves and catching the lights, but I felt like I lost points everytime I caught the lights, so I wasn't doing well on that front. I did however get the toy earlier this week, but with the guitar and the ugly cage hat to get too, there was incentive to keep going.

Crooked had done it a few times but somehow didn't get the achievement. When he, Spanky, Coffee and I did it together, he stayed right till the end, and he got the achievement. By then Coffee was getting sleepy so she and Spanky went to bed.

Crooked and I managed to both get one of the band's roles, and you even gain the appearance of that band member for a little while.

In the previous attempt I had missed one of the lights, but dodged all the waves, so I got the Bassist.  I said I'd go again to see if I could get some of the other roles, so I hung around in DMF, even turning down a M+ to sit around in DMF to try again. I had queued up in group finder when I was in a group with my friends, so I queued up again - the more the merrier right? And the more chance to get an achievement!

So off I went again on the half hour - this time I got hit by a wave, so I managed to get Vocalist this time. However I was pleasantly surprised because I managed to get Perfect Performance!

Perfect Performance is where of all the people present, there has to be one person in each of the roles (Drummer, Bassist, Guitarist and Vocalist). You don't have to be grouped, just any of the people there, which also includes alliance. The funny thing about how you get the role is, that the person with the highest score who did all the things for the role (banshee waves and lights) will get the role. You can get the role after they go away if the concert is still going!

Poor Crooked, he was still waiting for M+ to start and he could have been with me! But, maybe it's a common thing to get the achievement, so hopefully he will pick it up next time. I was just lucky!

At least getting that achievement made up for my pathetic race attempts. I really really hate that race!